Ways to make your mattress more comfortable

If you can’t afford to purchase a completely new mattress but you feel uncomfortable sleeping on your current one, don’t despair. New mattresses are fairly expensive and they might not be an investment you’re ready to make yet. But you don’t need to suffer every night. There are ways to extend your old mattress’ durability and to keep it for at least a couple of years more. You will be so happy that you might decide to spend many more calm nights in bed with a glass of good wine and an interesting book and you won’t wake up even more tired than before going to bed or stiff and grumpy.


Ways to make your mattress more comfortable

Use mattress pads or toppers

You might want to know what the main difference between them is. Mattress pads are quilted pads that are usually fastened to the mattress with some sort of elastic skirting or band. They will help you to provide protection for your mattress so you don’t stain or tear it and they add to your overall comfort and warmth. They can even offer special heating or cooling features. They are the quickest and cheapest way to refresh and old mattress if it’s not badly damaged or to extend the life of a new one but they might not be enough.

Mattress toppers are generally much thicker than a pad and they can be found in a variety of materials, like feather, memory foam, bamboo, wool or cotton – alone or mixed with synthetic materials, and so on. They are great for additional comfort or warmth, or for more specific health-related issues such as back pain, arthritis or GERD/ acid reflux disease. They are pricier than pads, but that money is well spent because they will give at least additional two years of usage to your old mattress. Mattress toppers are generally built mostly to add extra comfort, where pads are built to protect your mattress from wear and tear as well as from moisture.

Best memory foam mattress topper will adapt to your body weight perfectly to help you distribute it evenly and to help stabilize your spine and joints. It is absolutely necessary to use either them or to buy a high quality new mattress if you experience back pain. If you live in hot climates and experience a lot of discomfort from excess sweating during the night you can buy cool gel mattress toppers that will refresh you during the night.


Use mattress pads or toppers

Make sure to choose the density of your mattress topper carefully. You need to pay attention to your preferred sleeping position and choose denser one if you sleep on your back. People who weigh more also have to make sure that they buy topper with density range of at least 4 lbs and people who suffer from back pain should choose the ones at least 5 lb density. Something less dense may feel good for a while, but you’ll want firm and dense for proper support in the long run. These mattress toppers are much more durable too.

The thickness that you choose is also important, it will affect the comfort levels a lot but if will also add to the price of your topper. But the thickest you can afford, as a general rule, and do not buy anything under 3 inches.

Memory foam is irreplaceable for people that experience allergies too, because it prevents dust mites from growing in it.

Set a proper sleeping atmosphere

Even the most comfortable mattress in the world won’t help you sleep if you’re tense, annoyed and in a bad mood. Your bedroom should be a place of calm and relaxation, so you can use some of these tricks to make your own cozy corner.

  1. Get a pillow that is most appropriate for your sleeping style and use as many of them as you want when you’re just relaxing in your bed.
  2. Don’t try to save money on sheets, treat yourself with something luxurious. Your body touches that fabric for about a third of your entire day; you need to treat yourself kindly. Linen is an excellent choice.
  3. Always sleep on a well made bed; even though you might feel lazy to do it every time, it will become a part of your bedtime routine soon.
  4. Get a reading lamp to help you relax your brain a bit if you don’t feel ready to fall asleep immediately.

Blackout curtains can also be really useful if you have to sleep at odd hours due to your unusual work schedule.

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