How to set up your fish tank?

Having a fish tank is a great idea. You will bring life into your home and have a wonderful explosion of colors to rest your eyes on. But fish as pets are not an accessory for your home; they are also a significant responsibility. They rely on you to provide healthy and peaceful environment for them to thrive. Once you see them swim gracefully in your home, you’ll see that all your effort paid off.

Placement of your tank

Placement of your tank


This is a very important step. Your fish tank needs to be put in a place where there’s not much temperature fluctuation and the light is not too strong so you don’t get excess algae growth. Make sure there is at least 15 centimeters of distance between your tank and the wall. Don’t put your tank under a vent so you don’t get dust in your tank. Make sure the power cables for lights and filters can reach the wall and not make a mess on your floor and that you can bring water to your chosen easily for regular maintenance.

Setting up filtration system

filtration system


Most used and probably the simplest type of filters are under-gravel filters or power filters that you place on the back side of your tank. Under-gravel filters need an air pump too, so make sure that it’s enough for the size of your tank. If you choose a power filter make sure that it circulates enough water for the size of your tank. Volume of water circulated per hour (you read that on the specifications of your device) must be 5 or more volumes on your tank.  What is the best fish tank filter for you depends on the size of your tank and what kind of fish do you want to keep. It must provide three levels of filtration, mechanical, chemical and biological. Do not turn your filter on until you’ve completely filled your tank with water. (more…)

Julie / July 22, 2014 / Home Decoration